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The creative process has evolved dramatically in the last decade or so and will continue to do so. Aesthetics are no longer agreed via a flat, primitive process. Our creatives look at technically viable options which best suit your business. They then weave their magic to wrap innovative creative solutions around the best deployment vehicles for your business, whether it be web, mobile, tablet, a combination of all three or a bespoke creative solution.


By analysing your organisation, we can drill down into your technical requirements and make recommendations for the effective and efficient delivery of your application software. This process is fully committed towards improving your digital communications and online processes. We exceed in our ability to deliver large digital solutions such as CMS web & mobile sites, online applications and tailored bespoke software.


Creative developers...Technically astute creatives. Our team comprises of both. The cohesion between the creative and technical process is imperative for any digital campaign to succeed. We at Boxmodel pride ourselves on having an exceptionally fluid team. We don't believe in passing the parcel, creatives and developers are involved throughout our solution building process.

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Herding Cats - A Closer Look at Designing for Digital Media

Herding Cats - A Closer Look at Designing for Digital Media

When creating digital media solutions, we have noticed over the years that the design of the product, app, website, software or whatever the solution may be is an element of the project everyone wants to have an opinion on.

Umbraco 7

Umbraco 7

Here at Boxmodel we have taken a look at the eagerly anticipated new release of Umbraco.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day!

If you are anything like me, you think that once your prized possessions are safely inside and playing in their room they are safe. Yes, I am referring to our children.