A Few SaaS Development Trends in Recent Days

A Few SaaS Development Trends in Recent Days


No matter whether you are a SaaS developer in Newcastle that is looking to make their way in the industry, or you are a technology firm that is offering a new cloud application to clients, one thing that you need to be aware of is the current trends in the SaaS market. Read on to discover everything that you need to know.

  1. SaaS-Based Marketplaces – First and foremost, we have the emergence of SaaS-based marketplaces. An increasing number of SaaS products are integrating marketplace dynamics into their business model. A prime example of this is booking marketplaces, which give users the ability to book local services via the Internet. Equally, the firms using this option have all of the tools needed to optimise and manage these bookings effectively.
  2. PaaS – One thing we are noticing is the move from SaaS to PaaS. Basically, once a SaaS provider gets to a particular level, they make an important transition – they move from customer acquisition to consumer retention. In order to do this, they will add PaaS capabilities. By PaaS, we mean Platform-as-a-Service. This gives consumers the ability to generate and share add-on apps for the flagship product.
  3. DaaS – Not only do we have PaaS, but there is DaaS as well, which is Data-as-a-Service. This is set to change the market in a large way. The concept of this is to supply businesses with a sizeable amount and broad assortment of cloud-based data at competitive prices. This will lead to smarter overall strategic choices and day-to-day decisions.
  4. Mobile First SaaS – We are seeing a new breed of mobile SaaS champions come to fore as 2016 progresses, and it is likely that this is a trend that is only going to get stronger and stronger. In the past, the vast majority of mobile first SaaS businesses were one of the following – productivity tools or industry specific products. However, thanks to a number of messaging applications transitioning to real platforms, for example, messenger and Whatsapp, there has been an opportunity for new mobile SaaS apps to make their mark.
  5. Data Security – The next trend to consider is data security, which is becoming harder and harder with every year that passes by. This is especially the case in 2016 thanks to the dominance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). SaaS providers can make use of some exceptional cloud-based security applications in order to protect their business from the threat.
  6. Messaging Apps Becoming Platforms – Let’s elaborate on the point about messaging apps transitioning to real platforms in further detail, as this is clearly an important trend for any SaaS developer in Newcastle. Consumer messenger apps, like Whatsapp and Messenger, have now become apps whereby businesses can interact directly with customers. Moreover, enterprise chat clients, for instance, Hipchat and Slack, have also transitioned to the stage where they are suitable for third party SaaS to interact with users and build products.
  7. APIs – The next trend to consider is APIs, which is relevant because of the new breed of micro SaaS businesses that have emerged. Nowadays, a small SaaS startup provides an API toolset, as opposed to delivering a fully featured application, which was the case in the past.

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