Google Benchmarking reports are here

Google Benchmarking reports are here


Yes Google Benchmarking is officially here!

This addition to the Google Analytics suite now allows you to compare your website performance against others within your industry. 

This relies heavily on Google Analytics users sharing their data anonymously. This information then allows Google to aggregate industry data, providing valuable context for KPIs. This has the potential to unlock powerful insight into trends occurring across your vertical, and will, for the first time, give users access to data to find out how their website is performing compared to the competition.

In order to access your Benchmarking reports, you need to:

Sign in to your Google Analytics account
Navigate to your reporting view
Select the Reporting tab
Navigate to Audience > Benchmarking

You can choose from over 1,600 industry verticals (Google Analytics will pre-select one for you, but you can narrow it down further for greater insight), and you can further drill down by country / region as well as by the volume of daily sessions, so that you can compare like for like and see how you are really doing against the competition.

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