The Trends We Are Seeing In 2016 Web Design

The Trends We Are Seeing In 2016 Web Design


 Here at Boxmodel, Research & Development plays such an important part of how we progress as a company.


As we move further and further into 2016, new design trends start to emerge onto the web and this is something we have to be aware of, not only for us as a business but also for our clients, the design can easily represent their business and it is a requirement for us to make it feel fresh and exiting.


New techniques and trends happen every day, towards the end of 2015 we saw more video on the web, Google’s ‘Material Design’ crop up everywhere and vertical scrolling becoming a key in the design. In this post, I will highlight a few trends, which I have spotted on the web, along with examples to illustrate them.


Subtle Animations


In 2015, animations became very popular. User interface elements work great when animated, it gives the user some engagement to the site, it can guide them to the content you want them to see and they become a main focal point on the site thanks to a little bit of motion. It’s intriguing, which leads to an overall better user experience.


However, these animations must serve a purpose. On Our services page, we are animating SVG icons, creating a flow, a sense of engagement, making the user want to read more and more about the services we provide to our clients. By animating, users are more likely to interact with the page because they get the element of surprise.




Carrying on from animating, the actual icons used in any design play an important part of giving a visual indicator to the user. Our brain understands visuals much faster than text too; by having these icons here on the page we are able to convey the message we are trying to get across faster, resulting in a better user experience. When it comes to designing these, there is one important rule; they need to be very clear. Clutter complicates things, so clean and minimal is more effective.


Google’s material icon pack ( is one of the best icon packs out there to demonstrate this trend.


Card style interfaces


Google’s ‘Material Design’ has lots of great elements; one of the most common has to be the increase of card-style designs. This is most likely down to the fact that they are interactive, user-friendly, and with a little bit of animation, they can be fun. They are also great for a responsive design, as we are now in the ‘mobile first’ era; designing for screens of all sizes is a requirement for us. These cards are a great for responsive design as you can stack each card on top of one another for mobile, then create a grid on the desktop, there is so much potential here.




Web type tools like Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts have allowed web designs to really shine over the past couple of years and its only right for this to continue in 2016 and beyond. Expansive libraries allow for fresh, bold typefaces to be used on websites to create a statement. No one would think a chunk of text would play an important part in the design, but to us, content is key and when styled right it can make the design ‘pop’ and still have high readability.


In the few examples given, you can see that there are multiple trends happening right now, design has never been hotter than it is currently. From the trends in 2015, we will see an increase of these elements to create a great interactive and engaging websites. We as a business want to offer our clients an end product with all the latest facets, and design is one of the most important.

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