Umbraco 7

Umbraco 7


The Latest Release of Umbraco Reviewed

Umbraco 7 – What’s new?

Umbraco is an open source CMS, which has been running since February 2005. Over 110,000 sites  are utilising Umbraco and it has received over 200,000 active downloads. To add to this there is a huge developer community integrating with the CMS. Back in November 2013, after 18 months of development work from the Umbraco crew, they unleashed  a new release to the World Wide Web, Umbraco 7.

The main update between this release and previous releases is a completely revised, simple, and fast user interface. To test out the new CMS we built our own Boxmodel site using it. This provided us with the perfect understanding of the CMS and what was new. Here are our findings;

Admin Section
This is the most obvious change to the CMS. The design of the back end looks great, the pages load faster than they previously did and everything is laid out intuitively. The priority of this new release was for the change of the back office, they didn’t just redesign the back end, they completely rebuilt it from the ground up. With use of AngularJS the transition between sections, the creation of pages is completely seamless, faster and a much improved user experience. For added fluidity the back office is now built responsively – which is a first.
Media library, this was another section that has benefited from the revamp, there is now the ability to drag and drop from the desktop to the media library. The previous method of uploading files/ images etc was far too slow for users. This has vastly improved the entire media section.


Old Umbraco Media Interface


New Umbraco Media Interface

Navigation items:


Old Umbraco Navigation Interface


New Umbraco Navigation Interface

The transition from a clean static HTML site to Umbraco was seamless. We factored SEO into the Umbraco CMS allowing easy user editing features for meta areas and image naming tags. The Boxmodel site is very powerful SEO wise and we noticed no dip in search engine rankings whatsoever. Having clean code and a powerful CMS behind our site provides us with the perfect SEO platform going forward.

Back end – the geeky bit.
For a developer, the fact that they kept this almost exactly the same as the previous version (v6) helps a lot. Staying consistent with the use of MVC and Razor mean that developing projects is faster and the code is much neater to use. They have taken out the old outdated, obsolete code from the existing code base meaning that developers are using the most current up to date code and not resorting to older versions and using old code (like XSLT!!). It also utilises the latest server-side technology from Microsoft in using ASP.NET 4.5 keeping the whole project up to date with the latest technologies.

We like it, and I’m sure you would too.

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