Why 33% of conversions are lost at the last hurdle

Why 33% of conversions are lost at the last hurdle


Regularly when I pose the question to a client what do you want capture in your "Sign-up form" the reply is often, "well it is pretty standard isn't it?" or "Just the normal stuff". You may agree with these view points. You don't really need to give much consideration to this aspect of the site do you! Wrong, very wrong!

For a high percentage of sites, be it an e-commerce, charity, brochure site or even a social engagement site, the sign up form is one of the most valuable tools. Persuading the user to want to engage requires clear, concise and persuasive content. To actually get the user to supply you with there details is significantly more difficult for many. It doesn't have to be, nor should it!

The answer to why 33% of users bounce at the very last hurdle is simple. Fear! Fear of being spammed, fear of fraud... How many people do you know have a number of email addresses that they keep specifically for such an occasion. This accounts for another large percentage of the remaining 66%. It is all very well the web master receiving these email addresses, but they are worthless.

Clear UX consideration throughout the rest of the site is important to ensure that the user is driven to the sign-up form. All that effort is completely wasted if the actual form isn't designed properly.  Many forms nowadays have around 3 fields. This addresses the need to keep the sign up process short and sweet. The least amount of fields the less the user feels he or she is trading in order to benefit from the rewards/ drivers to sign up. Often the fields are "NAME", "EMAIL ADDRESS" & "PASSWORD". Despite history and experience dictating the need to keep it concise we are still seeing many failing to complete the process.

What Should We Do?

It is simple, communicate clearly and reassure the user. Designing the page carefully using a number of UX techniques will significantly reduce the bounce rate. 

Some simple hints...

  • Make it clear to the user why they are signing up, what do they get?
  • Reassure users that typing in their email address is a safe step- don't risk losing their engagement by merely not telling them!
  • Constantly reinforce the feeling of safety!
  • Make it clear upfront what you need to include in the password (uppercase/ numbers/ characters etc.)

Boxmodel are rather unique in their approach to online software development. The "production line" has been developed like any other production line. For quality and efficiency there are a number departments which all specialise in a specific area. With a dedicated front-end development team we are able to address and critique areas such as this for the benefit of our customers. Working closely with the experienced creative department the design and implementation of widgets such as these sign-up or content capture forms is something that we have seen offer great return on investment. 

We are offering a free review of your sign-up process, all we want from you is your name and email address... :) 

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