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Insight: Greggs plc is the largest bakery chain in the United Kingdom, with 1,671 outlets recorded in the first quarter 2015. Greggs has experienced exponential growth most recently through its acquisitions of Bakers Oven and Allied Bakeries but always through its innovative nature.

Greggs required a digital review of their online presence from a functional and strategic viewpoint.

Greggs project imagery
Greggs project imagery
Greggs project imagery

Vision: Greggs are constantly devising methods to stay at the forefront of their industry. However, their offline success did not mirror their online reach. Greggs approached Boxmodel to review their online presence (inclusive of web and mobile app solutions) and formulate a digital strategy to encourage online engagement.

We conducted a number of audit techniques such as stress testing, code analysis, security tests whilst drafting a strategy to address any issues encountered.

Greggs project imagery
Greggs project imagery

Impact: A complete rework of the Greggs Reward experience was suggested; as the apps were dependent on the infrastructure of the website, a rebuild of the Greggs web presence was also advised. The essential "calls to action" to drive online conversions were ineffective and the analytical data validated the results of the investigations. 

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