Boxmodel has the vision to deliver the software solution for your business. To achieve this we adopt a collaborative approach to fully understand your business, your challenges, your requirements and your short to long-term objectives. Once this exercise is complete a detailed strategy can be implemented. The focus is not to achieve goals it is to exceed them.

As leading digital experts it is imperative that Boxmodel assist customers with their vast industry knowledge and experience to manufacture an effective digital solution. This high level of competence and expertise is born out of the extensive research and development undertaken by the development team to ensure that the latest advancements in digital are mastered and implemented in your solution.

Regardless of whether your business needs to launch a new service, engage with your customers more efficiently, improve your internal communications/process management systems or branch into ecommerce/mcommerce, Boxmodel has the expertise to deliver what you need and support your business in the future.

Develop a digital platform

The team of expert software engineers thrive on developing innovative products to address your business requirements and demands. They have designed and built many nationally recognised digital products from remote data capture applications to enterprise level business management software.

Launch a service

Many brands engage with Boxmodel when looking to launch a new service into the marketplace, understanding that they are the digital experts with the best approach to a task of this nature. Every business is unique and so it is critical to understand their unique demands and be able to deliver a solution that is fit for purpose within budget and on time.

Trade online

E-Commerce and M-Commerce are essential for retailers of modern times. It has become imperative for online traders to streamline existing processes in order to make online trading more manageable. Boxmodel are experts at implementing technical strategies to significantly enhance online experiences. The integration of stock keeping units, EPOS systems, distribution, sales and accountancy software as a minimum requirement to improve internal efficiencies coupled with a user experience driven sales solution to attract potential customers and increase sales and ROI.

3rd party integration

In these modern times software integration is essential. Historically teams within businesses operated in silos but customer engagement demands have witnessed a raise in the necessity to collaborate. Duplication and manual transfer of data between systems is a costly and inefficient use of staff time. Integration speeds up business processes which means your business can do more in a shorter space of time. Harmonising all internal and external systems will make your business an elite entity allowing all focus to be channelled towards increasing turnover and ultimately your profit.

Process automation

An automated processing system has two significant benefits over a manual process, nullification of human error and time saving. Companies in the process industry require technology partners who really understand their business and can deliver the cutting-edge products, systems and solutions to help achieve goals for sustainable business success.

Business management systems

Every business requires some form of business management software to allow information to be shared and data to be processed to deliver a result, a sale or an output of some description – what this software is depends on what business it is. Business management software developed by Boxmodel ranges from quotation management systems to research management systems, from claims processing solutions to property and asset management applications.

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