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.NET Core 2.2, WebAPI, Angular, Bluetooth, lwm2m


BLE, Bluetooth, Audio, Dashboard, Internet of Things (IoT)


down we go


Ampetronic initially contacted Boxmodel looking for the improvement of their current system, through the implementation of an IoT framework. The system was needed to control and manage broadcast of audio using the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard between controller devices and receivers.


The eventual aim of the system is to replace aging hearing-aid ‘loop‘ systems with a new way of receiving audio from a variety of sources, making them far more flexible and improving the quality of the audio. The system can control and map multiple matrices of audio sources with receivers. The system was to also support a broadcast mode, allowing public/safety announcements to be made to all devices in range of the transmitter.


The result is a new framework that will allow an improved and more streamlined workflow management and enhanced user engagement. It also allows improved configuration, firmware and monitoring of all registered devices, through an effective and more efficient IoT dashboard. The dashboard is structured so that more devices can be added seamlessly, monitored more effectively and have an overall improved and efficient workflow for all administrators.