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Newcastle Aiport
Newcastle Airport
Newcastle Aiport

business services


HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas API, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite


Responsive Design, Cross-Platform, 3D Mapping

Newcastle Airport

down we go


Newcastle International Airport recently undertook a £14M transformation of its departure services. As part of this, the Airport required an intuitive solution to assist passengers to navigate around the airport both before and after check-in.


The solution needed to help passengers. By accessing a map on the Newcastle Airport website, the user needed to be able to pan around the terminal maps, zoom in/out, rotate and view details for a range of points of interest such as shops, gates, services and more.


The solution we devised comprised of a responsive map utilising an advanced JavaScript API named Canvas along with the provision of accurate hand drawn 3D imagery. Newcastle Airport was recently named UK’s No.1 Airport, and we are proud to have become a digital partner to them.