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PHP5, Swift 4, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3


iOS Application, Responsive Website, API, Integration, Reporting, QR Codes


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Renault are recognised as a global brand operating in a multitude of markets. As part of their marketing and advertising campaigns, they undertake various events which are UK and worldwide. We were introduced to them whilst working with our partner Fusion 2K. Fusion 2K organise and run these events and they needed the means to book and manage customers as they participated in the event. Whether that meant attending the day or participating in test drives, Renault needed a mechanism to manage all of their customers and booking in one application.


Working with our partners Fusion 2K, we scoped a website and native application to handle bookings via the web, but then also used a native application for customer management and test drive bookings on the day. A dedicated iOS iPad application was developed, with the ability to be used in either online or offline mode, depending on the coverage at the event. This was tied into the live data and updated in real time by the event ambassadors. It allowed for full event management and speed of administration.


The purpose of this application was to solve a very paper-based system of management of these events. The necessity for this type of online automation allowed for the streamlining of the overall process itself and ultimately the more efficient running of the events. With automation comes better reporting and the client was able to pull full customer reports from the system within hours of the event being completed. All historical data was also available, so analysis could be performed to ensure each event built on the success of the last.