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Umbraco CMS, Microsoft .Net MVC, Microsoft SQL, Responsive Design, HTML, Sass, CSS, JQuery


Long Standing Relationship, Website Review, Bespoke Interface Design, Digital Transformation


down we go


With a long standing relationship of over 7yrs, Unison needed Boxmodel to refresh the Skills for Schools website that we had previously built. The idea was to refresh the look and feel of the site, not just from a user interface point of view, but also through an upgraded CMS framework. As technology moves forward, the duty of care we have back to our clients is to always upgrade where the benefits are clear, not simply because the latest trends dictates.


With the increased use of the CMS, we felt a more robust and universally recognised content management system was needed, hence the natural choice to implement Umbraco. As user engagement trends are always changing, based on the demographics of your user base, we have to always keep in mind the way users interact with the web presence of any of our clients. Our other recommendation was to upgrade the look and feel of the site, with special emphasis around the Career Planner Tool. This was looked at specifically for improved functionality, affording greater usability and therefore more accurately presented results.


The result was there for all to see, both from a system administration point of view, but also from a user engagement and usability point of view. Administrators now had more control over content and dynamic functionality, plus access to the system could be more defined based on user role type. From a user point of view, core functionality around the Career Planner Tool allowed users greater flexibility in defining their own career path and allowed them to alter and manage the parameters around their career goals.